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                  Lana is the President and founder of Majesty Media.  After the sale of her business, Movie One Theaters, a nationwide chain of movie houses (where she showed a Christian video before secular movies), she envisioned forming a national television show that would deal with women's issues and bring healing to mind, body, and spirit.  The result was "Real Talk Real Lives TV Show", which aired on Day Star TV, worldwide.  Additionally, Reverend Lana appeared on her local Colorado TV show for 5 years, titled "Real Sisters", during which, three sisters-in-Christ discuss emotional issues and prayed with callers.  Then, another TV show, she and 3 other hosts appeared on a Tulsa TV show called "Real Sisters 4". Presently, Lana is doing an international TV show called "God's View". This show has been airing for 16 yrs and is currently viewed around the world.

Reverend Lana has served as a board member for various organizations including White Harvest Ministries, which feeds the poor, Young Life, which works with youth, and Channel 38, a Christian TV Station out of El Paso, Texas.  Lana has ministered in Crisis Pregnancy Counseling. She has passed out 100,000 tracts to various high school students.


Lana has been a public speaker, promoting sexual abstinence until marriage and teaching on the Song of Solomon, Five Aspects of Women, and biblical healing for body, soul and spirit, and other topics too numerous to mention.  She has made guest appearances on national television such as numerous visits on Rocky Mountain Celebration, a show on DaySpring TV.

Lana's published book, "Instant Scripture", is a unique cross between a concordance and a Bible promise book.  This book includes prayers to lead people to eternal salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, tongues and how to communicate and win souls involved in various cults.  She is also the creator of "Love Notes", 96 individual messages designed to place on a pillow, in a lunch bag or in a cherished one's pocket to build their confidence.  She has also composed a glossary booklet to accompany as a biblical study of the Song of Solomon.

Prior to accepting Jesus as my Savior at 39 years old, I was in the religion of the month club. I was desperately trying to find truth and power.   Jesus Christ was my last hope.  My mother was Jewish and my father, Italian.  They'd say in order to keep peace at home, we couldn't "talk religion."  There was no peace in the family.  I got sick and ended up in a hospital room, waiting for a gall bladder operation. There, for the first time, I invited Jesus into my heart and made Him Lord over my life.   I asked Him to fill the void in my heart (that nothing could relieve) with His joy and peace.  The room lit up, and I was soaked in His love; in me, around me, through me. I was supernaturally healed, mentally, physically and Spiritually.  I walked out of that hospital without undergoing an operation.  I shortly found out that I needed a personal relationship with The Father, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and not a man-made empty religion.  To my astonishment, I found out that not only did Jesus die, but He is now alive, and the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He reveals Himself to whosoever will ask Him into their hearts.   He proved He is God, and He has the power to set you free over the worst part of sin, death, and pride.  The miracle that He humbled and changed me from a selfish, and prideful snob to mold me and make me love as He does.  I still have a long way to go to be like HIM, but He is drawing and changing me closer every day.  What a miracle!  Jesus is one- stop shopping!

Jesus set me free from fear, worry, and rescued my teens from the land of the enemy. He restored my marriage and eliminated self-seeking.  He gave me a sound mind, divine health and prospered me.  He filled me with joy and grace, teaching me how to love. He became the best husband of all the great husbands put together after I was widowed.  He has blessed me with a treasure/husband, Dr. William Wildey, a man of God, who I admire, love and adore!

NEW LIFE!  He'll do it for you if you ask Him.
No one, nothing, can satisfy me the way the Lord does.  One night with the King changes everything.  Life without the Lord is living death, no matter what you attain.  Abide in His Word and the evil one cannot harm you.  Let Him be in every detail of your life!
Oh, Jesus, I love you, so..........

You can reach Lana on Facebook at:

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Majesty Media Corporation

PO Box 606

Runaway Bay, Texas 76420



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